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Alpha Officium

Ambience aka "Its a Seraphina"

AMR Woodcraft

Anant Design

Ash and Griffin Pottery

Atelier Masquerade

Aunt Jo's Handiwork

Auntie Arwen's Spices

Axe & Bear Trading


Barb's Garb

Bedlam Bazaar

Bee and Elephant

Bespoke Pewter


By My Hand Designs llc

Cactusfire pottery

Calontir Trim

Cat Man Do Designs

CAT's Creations

Champagne Faire

Charred Fibers Solar Pyrography

Chevalier Outfitters


Circle Works

Claybaby Pottery

Cloak & Dagger Creations

Çok Güzel!

Cordelya Makes Things

Daisy Viktoria

Darkridge Jewelry

Darkwood Armory

Designs by Kate

Destash Central

Dixie Weaver

Dragonmarsh Apothecary and Teas

Dragonscale Jewelry & fine Arts

DSA Threads

Du Puy Creations

Eadaoin/The Cedar Wardrobe

Earthly Leather Design

Egill's Woodstuffs

Ellen of the Scholars

Fáelán's Armoury

Fairy Tales Chest

Fish N' Weasel

Forbidden Apple Presses

Gaean Allusions Pottery

Game Gnight

Good Girl Gone Bead

Green Mountain Leathercraft

Greenman Calligraphy and Supply

Greybarr Traditional Archery, LLC

Grimloc's Hoard

Gryphon's Moon

Gwen Erin Natural Fibers

Heather Hall Card Gallery

Historical Glassworks


Holmgard Trading Company (Master Mikhail Novgorodets)

Hughes Pottery

In the Sirens’ Wake

Ingrid the Crafty

Irontree Works Inc

Isabella's Goodes

Ivory Isis

Jadi's Silk Road

K&K Woodworks

Kassandra Creations

kat's trading post

Kentucky leather and hides

Kit Designs by Kithandra

Knives of the North

Kraken Press

Kraken Press

Lilla Rose Hairccessories

Limners and Artificers Guild


Linsey Woolsey

Lobster Rose Pottery

Longship Luxury Goods

Lui na Greine Feirme

M Sotherden Art Glass

Martelvonc Studio

Master Ark's

Materialis/Tea & Absinthe

Mid east magic

Misc Etc

Moonshea Botanicals Soapworks


Myrkheim Hoard

Nog’s Creations

Nomad Girl Beauty

Nordik Kraft formerly Koll's Productions

Paisley Peacock Body Arts

Peddler's Knives

Pine Box Traders

Rabenwald Metalsmything

Racaire's Workshop

Raymond's Quiet Press

Reannag Teine

Recreated Textiles

Red Falcon

Redwolf Ltd.

Renaissance Arts & Design

Rhiannon Oils and Incense

Rock Top Bookshop and Bindery aka The Haunted Bookshop

Rollo from Blue Frogs

Root 2 Route Botanicals

RowanTree Clothiers

Serpents Eye

Silk Road Caravans

Silverlock Seamstress

Silvertree Souq

Simply Stylish

Sinclair Jewelry

Songdog Weaving

Sun Fox

T.F. Woodcraft

The Basketman

The Bee Folks

The Brackish Baroness

The Crown and Chalice

The Crowned Heart

The Crucible Snow Hoard

The Dormant Dragon

The Falcon's Mew

The Frisky Filly Bazaar

The Harpy & The Hag

The Hat Lady of An Tir

The Not So Ugly Duckling

The Purple Needles

The Shadowed Stranger

The Threaded Needle

The Treasury

The Wooden Ladle


Thistlewood Manor Soap etc.

Thora's THreads

Thorthor's Hammer

ThreeStumpForge / Brunetta Blacksmithing

Tied to History

Timeless Manufacturing

TLC Leathercraft

To - Ply Fiber Arts

Tomas the Lapidary's Jewelry

Torvaldr's Leatherworks

Traders of Tamerlane

Tres Sheikh

Two Baronesses/ Bad Baroness

Underwares: Historical Undergarments

Ursula's Alcove


Viking Krafts & Sable Fleur Designs

Vogue Medieval

Wanderlust Import Trading Company

White Hart Pottery

White Wolf and Phoenix


Wire You Waiting

Woodmont Accessories



By Your Weave

Carolina Calico - Linen

BCoole Designs

Don't Sew Angry

Firedryk Steel Arms and Armory

Eirny's Treasures

= Participating in Atlantian Pennsic in the Backyard
= Offering discounts for Atlantian Pennsic in the Backyard

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