How to attend

1) Do I have to be Atlantian to participate (and if not, do I need special permission to do so)?

Not at all! Everyone is welcome, across all the Kingdoms in the Known World!

2) Do I have to register or preregister?

Also no! Pre-registration and "troll" here is just a fun experience. You can, however, send your photos and names to Dame Emma ( to participate - even if you're not from Atlantia.

3) How do I participate?

There are lots of ways to participate, and you can make it as complicated or as simple as you want! Here are some ways to participate, all of them, entirely optional:

What To Do At Home

What To Do Online

What Else Can You Do?

Most of all, PLAN TO HAVE FUN!

See you there!

Baroness Caterina/Puffin

Technical Troubleshooting

ZOOM troubleshooting

Google Meet troubleshooting

Discord Troubleshooting

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